Micro ATM Solution

Financial Inclusion

PM Narendra Modi’s Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana 2014 calls all banks to action for pursuing a financial inclusion agenda setting an ambitious target of introducing 75 million new account holders into the Indian banking system.

Mobileware’s Micro ATM Solution can give Banks the technology impetus needed to achieve this.

Mobileware’s Micro-ATM Solution is a door-step banking model powered by mobile handsets, biometric hardware device  and a Bluetooth  printer

Our micro ATM solution enables banks to approach the unbanked people in rural & semi-urban areas

to easily access micro banking services via a BC network in a very cost effective and simple manner.

Micro ATM Platform

  • Micro ATM Middleware
  • Integrates with existing CBS
  • Communicates with DB
  • Provides mobile app binary

Bank BC Network

  • App downloaded to BC mobiles
  • Agent Logs into unique account
  • Views Account List of Customers
  • Selects Customer Account
  • MPIN/ Biometric authentication
  • Payment Transaction
  • Receipt printing

Unbanked Customer

  • Scans fingerprint
  • Receives an OTP on mobile
  • Enters/ Provides OTP
  • Authenticated as Account owner
  • Requests withdrawal
  • Makes Payment
  • Receives receipt for transaction
  • Built on a robust technology platform – App Studio
  • Integrates with existing Core Banking System
  • Integrates Biometric and OTP Authentication
  •  Supports online and offline transaction processing
  • Localization supported
  • Integrated with ADHAAR database for verification
  • Centralized Mobile Device Management
  • Comprehensive back end system admin portal:
    • Agent on-boarding
    • Manage BC/agents registration
    • Localization

Micro ATM Benefits

  • Low end J2ME & Android phones at lower acquisition costs
  • New account opening channel for banks at lower infrastructure costs.
  • Rural banking and third party agent network at a lower cost.
  • Biometric-enabled transactions to assure rural reluctant or illiterate customers.
  • Mobility devices ease field operations and increase service efficiency of BCs.
  • Central Management of field agents, mobile devices and transactions.
  • Localization Module enables Regional Language customization and support
  • Audit mechanism of customers called and transactions via Audit module.