The Livestock Insurance Solution was an ILO initiated pilot; successfully realized by Mobileware for the client that went on to win the Celent Technology Innovation Award 2013 in the Insurance domain. The solution demonstrated the relevance of mobility in rural insurance business case by empowering the Insurer’s Field agents to complete Enrollments and Claims assessments easily and effectively via low cost Android devices in harsh field terrains. The solution ensured massive enrollment data collection inclusive of geo-tagged images in the offline mode with no data loss during transmission and enabled cross verification with the back end data during claim assessments. The application overshot the projected increase in efficiency of enrollments and assessments done by Agents and drastically reduced the incidence of fraudulent claims as a result of accurate, location based substantiation of data.

Platform: Android Smartphones

Key Features:

  • Role based TPA Agent login
  • Access to Standardized master data
  • Efficient sequencing of forms to enroll farmers
  • Enables Enrollment of multi cattle – multi farmer
  • Enables multiple Image captures with instructions
  • Geo-tagged images for location authenticity verification
  • Offline mode – data storage capability
  • Premium Deposit capture receipt – image upload
  • Claim Assessment tasks scheduled from back-end
  • Agent access to Enrollment data for Cross verification
  • Ability to attach images for supporting documents
  • Submit assessment data via mobile
  • Instant receipt generation
  • Immediate data upload to central server

Admin Portal

Key Features:

  • User Management ( Agent User creation/ Role Management Password Reset)
  • Customer Management /Customer User creation
  • Master Data creation/ Premium Rate/ Subsidy/ Master Schedule
  • Master Data updates – Location(State/ District/ Tehsils/ Mandals),
  • Cattle details ( Species/ Breed/ Color/ Horns/ Tails/ Description)
  • Enrollment Data – view data submitted by Enrollment Agent from field
  • Maintain enrollment records identified by Unique TAG ID tagged to cattle ear
  • Export Enrollment Data to Excel/ .csv
  • Make Enrollment Records Searchable if Claims are filed for TAG ID
  • Download & View enrollment – cattle images
  • Compare Enrollment data with Claim data – Download cattle images
  • Reports