What is IMPS

IMPS is an instant real-time remittance service available anytime, anywhere across India that allows real-time money transfers to any person or to a merchant, for any personal or commercial purpose through banks networked by NPCI’s NFS Switch.

IMPS Capability lends 24/7 Payment flexibility even on Bank holidays with the NPCI seal of reliability.

Mobileware’s IMPS Solution

  • Developed on RBI guidelines for IMPS
  • Built using NPCI’s IMPS APIs
  • Connected to the NPCI Switch and IMPS network
  • Integrated with the ISO Messaging backbone
  • SMS, USSD, thin Client
  • Mobileware’s Middleware resides at the bank
  • In this method of payment, bank account is linked to a unique combination of 17 digits identified by Mobile No. + MMID and secured by the MPIN

IMPS Key Differentiators

  • Platform  agnostic – Mobile, Internet and ATM
  • Transfer funds using IMPS through two modes
    • Mobile phone based IMPS Module
    • SMS Syntax based Module
  • Requires MMID + Mobile No. + MPIN per account
  • No requirement of bank account details


What Are Pre-requisites for IMPS?


  • Bank needs to register with NPCI to be on the NFS Switch
  • Bank should have e a Core Banking System in Place
  • Implement a Mobile Application for IMPS
  • Make available the IMPS mobile application for users to download



  • Have a bank account with a Bank listed in the IMPS Network
  • A Mobile handset enabled with GPRS or Wi-Fi connectivity
  • The IMPS mobile application downloaded on to their handsets
  • MMID and MPIN registered for his account with the bank


How secure is IMPS?

  • OWASP – M1 – M10 compliant
  • Dual Factor Authentication – mPIN + Dynamic OTP
  • Login Credentials verifications using RBI mandated HSM
  • Transaction Verification based on HSM
  • Encrypted device to server communication
  • HTTPS secured Transport & communication layer
  • Configurable Transaction Limit & Velocity check