Who We Are?

An established presence in the wireless and web applications domain, a proprietary platform, and strong, intrinsic knowledge of mobile and web app development – these are the three pillars on which Mobileware Technologies Private Limited stands. They give us the Expertise to Develop and the Pace to Deliver.

Over the years, Mobileware has efficiently executed projects in various domains, viz. banking, finance, insurance and the like. Most of these projects involve development of mobile extensions for business productivity, business information, services and social media. At every step of the way, our management team has been instrumental in helping us approach each project with creativity, vigour and unflinching focus.

Our Skills

Android : 90%
90% Complete
iOS: 90%
90% Complete
App Development: 90%
90% Complete

Core Values

Values drive success. At Mobileware, we believe our core values of unflinching business ethics and professionalism guide, refine and define everything we do for our clients. We believe in:

  • Integrity and trust: Honesty and faith in each other
  • Constructive teamwork: Working together for a logical, satisfying result
  • Innovation and knowledge sharing: Encouraging new ideas and striving for continuous improvement
  • Result-oriented approach: Aim at positive results beneficial to individuals and enterprises
Amitabh Kanekar

Amitabh Kanekar Director

16+ yrs of experience

MBA in finance

Worked at Times,Chohung, Muscat Bank

Satyajit Kanekar

Satyajit Kanekar Director Business Development

15+ yrs of experience

MBA in finance

Startups Baysquare, EMsquare, Mobileware